How to Install Windows Server 2012R2 on VirtualBox

  1. Download Windows Server 2012R2 evaluation from “”


2. Start Oracle Virtual Manager, Select NEW

Name: Windows Server 2012R2

Type: Microsoft Windows

Version: Windows 2012(64-bit)


3. Give 5120M memory size


4. Create an virtual hard disk now


5. Choose “VDI( VirtualBox Disk Image)


6. Choose “Dynamically allocated”


7. Give size 30GB


8. Also you can choose where the VDI image file location


9. Click “create” to create “Windows Server 2012R2” virtual machine.


10. Now attach the ISO image to the virtual CD/DVD drive by :

a)Ensure the Windows Server 2012R2 VM is selected and click Settings.
b)Select Storage. Click on Empty under IDE Controller.
c)In the Attributes section, click on “+”sign for adding optimal disk.
d)Select “Choose a disk file”.
e)Browse to the location where you saved the Windows DVD ISO file and select it.
f)Click Open.
g)It should look similar to the following graphic.



11)  Now we can install Windows 2012R2 now

a)Select the Windows Server 2012R2 VM in VirtualBox and click Start.
When the Install screen appears, click Next.


b)Click Install Now.


c)Select 2012 evalution Datacenter (Server with a GUI) and click next. The Server Core installation includes a command prompt but not a graphical user interface (GUI).

d)Review the license terms, select the checkbox to accept the license terms, and click Next.


e) Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).


f) The 30 GB drive you created with the VM will be selected as Drive 0 Unallocated Space. Click Next.


g)The installation will begin :


h)When prompted, enter a password for the Administrator account in the Password and Retype password text boxes.  Click Finish.



To log in, press the host key plus the Delete key to simulate the CTRL + ALT + DELETE key combination. The host key is the right-CTRL key by default.




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