Use Corrective Action ( CA ) to Automate Archivelog Backup When FRA Usage is Over Threshold of Metric Extension ( ME ) in OEM 12C

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Now and then, FRA usage is easily over threshold, DBA needs logon system and manually run a archivelog backup.  It is easily to make database hung if FRA usage is 100%.

Here we use “Corrective Actions” to run a RMAN archivelog backup when the FRA is  used  over warning threshold.

Create a Corrective Action in Library

1)Create a Corrective Action in Library.
go to Enterprise -> Monitoring -> Corrective Actions
Create Library Corrective Action:
OS Command
Click GO

2) Give Name and put something in Description if you like

3) in Parameter section:
Command Type: Single Operation
Command: /home/oracle/ksh/  %SID%

Here %SID% is the variable passed from OEM to the shell script as a parameter.
“” is a shell script:
a: %SID% is the instance name of the database.
b: The shell script also checks whether there are any RMAN backups is undergoing.
c: There are commands to connect to RMAN repository and target database respectively, then commence archivelog backup.


4) Leave “Credentials” and “Access” section as it is for now.

5) Click “Save to Library”.


Add Corrective Action to Metric

1)Go to a target cluster database home page->Cluster Database->Monitoring->Metric and Collection Settings


2) Click “Edit Key-based Metric” on the right for item ” Flash Recovery Area % Used”.

3) Click Edit


4) Click Add for Warning

5) Choose “From Library”, and then “Continue

6) Choose the right corrective action from library, then Continue


7) Complete the General and credentials

8) Click Continue for a couple of times, also check the contents are right.


9) Finally click OK to save the changes


10) After a little, a alert is received about “Corrective action status=Succeed”

Corrective action owner=SYSMAN 
Corrective action status=Succeeded 
Corrective action output=SID: RACTEST1
HOME: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1
BASE: /u01/app/oracle
HOME: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1
BASE: /u01/app/oracle

Target type=Cluster Database 
Message=The value of Flash Recovery Area % Used for +FRA is 82
Event reported time=Dec 22, 2016 9:01:54 PM EST 
Target Lifecycle Status=Development 
Comment=RAC TEST
Operating System=Linux
Associated Incident Id=209879 
Associated Incident Status=New 
Associated Incident Acknowledged By Owner=No 
Associated Incident Priority=High 
Associated Incident Escalation Level=0 
Event Type=Metric Alert 
Event name=ME$RACRecoveryAreaSpace:FRA_PERCENT_USED 
Metric Group=ME$RACRecoveryAreaSpace
Metric value=82
Key Value=+FRA
Key Column 1=FRA_NAME
Rule Name=Flash Recovery Area Percent Used for ME


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