How to Apply Database Component Of a Patch Onto ORMB Database

Here is an example of applying an ORMB patche onto ORMB Oracle database.  There working environment is as below ;

Oracle Database 12c
Oracle Client 32bit 12c

Before applying patching, make a backup of database in any way you prefer:

Set the environment variables:

C:\>set TNS_ADMIN=d:\oracle
C:\>set TOOLSBIN=d:\dbpatch_tools\bin
C:\>set JAVA_HOME=d:\java

Ensure to be able to connect to the database from the application server workstation:

C:\>tnsping ormb
TNS Ping Utility for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production on 13-JAN-2017 10:19:11
Copyright (c) 1997, 2014, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Used parameter files:
Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
Attempting to contact (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ractest-scan.ractest)(PORT = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVIC
OK (10 msec)

Unzip the patch files, and change to the CDXPatch directory and execute the ouafDatabasePatch.cmd utility. The utility will prompt you for the value of the following parameters:

if it prompts you for the target database type, enter O for Oracle.
Enter the username that owns the schema (e.g., CISADM)
The password for the user (in silent mode)(e.g., XXXXXXX)
Enter the name of the Oracle Database Connection String : //ractest-scan.ractest:1521/ORMB

Below is the output from applying patch 25054594 ( with three child patches -24586912, 24604908, 24963398  ).

"CMDLINE::: d:\java\bin\java.exe -cp d:\dbpatch_tools\lib\*;d:\dbpatch_tools\config "
Enter the target database type (O/M/D) [O]: O
Enter the username that owns the schema: CISADM
Enter the password for the CISADM user: XXXXXXX
Enter the name of the Oracle Database Connection String: //ractest-scan.ractest:1521/ORMB
Target Schema is a Production Schema
Ready to process patches, Do you want to continue? (Y/N): Y
Working Directory: ORMB001
Setting up language file: ORMB001\CDXPatch.lang
exit value: 0

Applying 24586912 ...
Writing to log file: ORMB001\log24586912.log
--Applying patch 24586912 at 01-13-2017 14:20:49using $LastChangedRevision: 42479 $
--Copying language information
--Patch 24586912 applied successfully at 01-13-2017 14:21:20

Applying 24604908 ...
Writing to log file: ORMB001\log24604908.log
--Applying patch 24604908 at 01-13-2017 14:21:20using $LastChangedRevision: 42479 $
--Copying language information
--Patch 24604908 applied successfully at 01-13-2017 14:21:31

Applying 24963398 ...
Writing to log file: ORMB001\log24963398.log
--Applying patch 24963398 at 01-13-2017 14:21:31using $LastChangedRevision: 42479 $
--Copying language information
--Patch 24963398 applied successfully at 01-13-2017 14:21:31
Patch applied successfully...

Check the successful installations of the patches as per How to Check the Successful Installation of a Database Patch Onto ORMB Database


We can see only the child patches ( 24586912, 24604908, 24963398 ) are stored in repository. The parent patch ID is NOT installed into database patch repository )

SQL>  select sr_no,run_status_flg,END_DTTM from cisadm.ci_ut_instl where sr_no in ( '25054594','24586912','24604908','24963398') and run_status_flg = '02' and END_DTTM IS Not NULL;

SR_NO                          RU END_DTTM

----------------               -- ---------
24586912                       02 13-JAN-17
24604908                       02 13-JAN-17
24963398                       02 13-JAN-17

Finally run Security utility as per How to Run Security Utility in ORMB Multiple Instances Environment

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