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How to Check Oracle Database Current Number of Sessions / Processes and Maximum Utilization

1)From V$LICENSE View. It shows USER sessions only excluding database system sessions. SQL> select SESSIONS_CURRENT,SESSIONS_HIGHWATER from v$license; SESSIONS_CURRENT SESSIONS_HIGHWATER —————- —————— 771 1346 — SESSIONS_CURRENT :Current number of concurrent user sessions — SESSIONS_HIGHWATER :Highest number of concurrent user sessions since the instance … Continue reading

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How to Change or Remove Partner Agent In OEM 13.2

Environment : OEM OMS  : 13.2 OEM Agent: 13.2 Monitored Agent:           racnode1.virtuallab:3872 Current Partner Agent:  host1.virtuallab:3872 New Partner Agent:        host2.virtuallab:3872 Check Associated Partner Agent 1)On  OEM Agent Home Page. 2) Run below … Continue reading

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How to Check Network Port Open on Linux

1) Telnet. $ telnet ractest 1234 Trying… telnet: connect to address Connection refused $ telnet ractest 3872 Trying… Connected to ractest. Escape character is ‘^]’. Connection closed by foreign host. 2) cURL $ curl -v telnet://ractest:1234 * … Continue reading

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“ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation”– OEM Slow Performance SQL Metrics SQL statement (SQL ID: 4d43by1zzjfna)

Below OEM alerts are received from databases of 11R2 to 12R2: … .. . Target name=RACTEST Incident creation time=28/11/2017 9:48:17 PM AEDT Last updated time=28/11/2017 9:48:17 PM AEDT Message= ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation Severity=Critical Incident ID=294770 … … Continue reading

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How to Make ASM Instance to Use HugePages

The ASM instance is configured in the same way as normal databases instance for using hugepages in Linux 6. But ASM is not using hugepages, while the normal instance is using hugepages. There are enough free hugepages available  as per … Continue reading

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Install the AWS Command Line Interface on Microsoft Windows

There are two ways to install AWS CLI: 1. MSI Installer a) Download the appropriate MSI installer 64-bit or 32-bit. b) Run the downloaded MSI installer, and follows the instructions on screen.   By default, the CLI is installed onto: C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI … Continue reading

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Database Size History Report From OEM

A DBA is always asked about the database size growth trend for coming months  of one database  or databases, which possibly face storage or performance issue.  We can only get current database size from the database, or the size of … Continue reading

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TFA – Oracle Trace File Analyser Installation

Uninstall TFA 1) Check TFA_HOME. $ grep TFA_HOME= /etc/init.d/init.tfa TFA_HOME=/u01/app/ 2) Uninstall TFA as root user. [root@racnode1 bin]# ./tfactl -h Usage : /u01/app/ <command> [options] commands:diagcollect|collection|analyze|ips|run|start|stop|enable|disable|status|print|access|purge|directory|host|receiver|set|toolstatus|uninstall|diagnosetfa For detailed help on each command use: /u01/app/ <command> -help [root@racnode1 bin]# /u01/app/ uninstall … Continue reading

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ORMB Batch Scheduling Job Hangs At F1-FLUSH with “PL/SQL Lock Timer” Wait Event

Overnight ORMB Batch Scheduling Job has been running for more than twenty hours, user wants to know why ? 1) Check which job at what step is still running and hanging. SQL> select OWNER,JOB_NAME,JOB_SUBNAME,SESSION_ID,ELAPSED_TIME,CPU_USED from dba_scheduler_running_jobs; OWNER JOB_NAME JOB_SUBNAME SESSION_ID … Continue reading

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How to Check and Modify Default Attributes of Tables and Indexes Partitions

Sometimes the default attributes require to be modified for future partitions, or sub-partitions, specially in the situation when tables and indexes are refreshed from different environment. Modifying Default Attributes of a Table SQL>alter table OWNER.TABLE_NAME modify default attributes tablespace TABLESPACE_NAME; … Continue reading

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