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The agent is overloaded [current requests: 128]

Situation Below alerts are received from racnode1 -“The agent is overloaded [current requests: 128]” From: oracle Sent: Friday, 4 August 2017 7:07 PM Cc: Subject: EM Event: Warning: racnode1 – Agent Unreachable (REASON = The agent is overloaded [current requests: … Continue reading

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“SELECT MEDIA FROM V$BACKUP_PIECE_DETAILS” Query Takes Long Time and Uses Huge Temp Space after Upgrading to OEM 13.2

The below query from OEM agent keeps failing, after upgrading Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and a monitoring agent to 13.2, this query is run in the target database: SELECT MEDIA FROM V$BACKUP_PIECE_DETAILS WHERE SESSION_KEY=:B3 AND SESSION_RECID=:B2 AND SESSION_STAMP=:B1 AND … Continue reading

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