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Change the ORMB DB User Password

After the DB user password is changed by DBA, or after the ORMB schema is refreshed from other environment and need keep the password of old one. The DB user password needs to be changed as per Oracle Doc. For … Continue reading

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How to Set Up ORMB Batch Scheduling with Oracle DBMS Scheduler

Download and Apply Oracle DBMS Scheduler Patch $¬†unzip Oracle_Scheduler_Integration.zip Archive: Oracle_Scheduler_Integration.zip inflating: Getting Started Guide ORMB Batch Scheduling.pdf inflating: ORACLE_DBMS_SCHEDULER_SETUP_LINUX.pdf inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/lastDayPrevMonthJobs.properties inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/readme.txt inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/setup.sh inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/oem_ouaf_package.sql inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/ouaf_batch_package.sql inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/setup.sql inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/user_cisadm_setup.sql inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/user_schadm_NEW_I.sql inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/user_schadm_NEW_S.sql inflating: ORMB_Integration_Installer/sql/user_schadm_setup_NEW.sql … Continue reading

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Oracle Revenue Management and Billing ( ORMB ) Security Utility OraGenSec

Here is an example of how to run ORMB security utility —¬†OraGenSec.exe. 1) Make sure database vault must be disabled before running. To check database vault is enabled or not. SQL>SELECT * FROM V$OPTION WHERE PARAMETER = ‘Oracle Database … Continue reading

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