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How to Download Oracle Patches From Oracle Support By Using WGET or CURL

1) Set up global variables  : export MOS_USER=jamesh@domain.com export MOS_PASSWORD=”Password123″ export PROXYUSER=”jamesh” export PROXYPASSWD=”Password123″ export USERAGENT=”Mozilla/5.0″ export use_proxy=on export http_proxy=”http://proxy.domain.com:80/” export https_proxy=”https://proxy.domain.com:80/” export COOK=$HOME/$$.cookie 2) The following command to authenticate uses HTTP/HTTPS: $wget –proxy-user=${PROXYUSER} –proxy-password=${PROXYPASSWD} –http-user=${MOS_USER} –http-password=${MOS_PASSWORD} –save-cookies=$COOK –keep-session-cookies –no-check-certificate “https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/Services/download” … Continue reading

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